In case you’re a little unsure about what Charge for Stripe can do for you or whether it’s any good, take a look at the reviews below to see what some of our users think about our apps.

Seamless!! Works like a breeze accepting card payment with Android phone. No more bulky card readers, just tap and receive payment. The best app which complements Stripe. Keep up the good work!


This app is so convenient. You can take payment directly from your phone. You don’t need a handheld device. Its so good you get updates on payments via a dashboard. You can check sales and keep track of all customers. This app really works well. I will never go back to lugging around that big pdq ever again.

Tahir Khan

Using the Charge For Stripe app, oh my goodness it’s been such a game changer for my little business in NZ. I did my first transaction at the local craft market and it was such a breeze. It’s so user friendly and I felt confident using it, especially for the fact I’m not your most techno savvy person. Also I thought it was pretty damn cool receiving an email from the programmer. Here’s hoping for more sales and transactions ?

Kylee Irwin-Paterson

Better than Stripe App by allot, because with this app I get cha-ching notifications anytime money moves, and I can also bill anyone securely with just their telephone number or email… was very impressed with accepting NFC payments in person. Yal made the Stripe Platform have the best features of other huge names in the industry such as: Square, Paypal, and Waveapp.

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