About Charge for Stripe for Mobile Card Payments

Charge – The Story 

In 2018, Charge for Stripe was developed by the team at Platinum Apps after struggling to find an app that combined both the ability to process charges and the option to view reports and sales history without making their eyes bleed. Built to help facilitate sales at local markets (or anywhere really) without having to carry additional hardware or pay crazy terminal fees, Charge for Stripe was a labor of love to help Lava and Stone (and hopefully many more) sell their beautiful products. It has now grown to support business use-cases of all kinds and sizes.

4 in 5 Americans own a credit card that they’ll swipe wherever they can.  

Charge turns your smartphone into a credit card processor without the need for any portable card readers or POS system. Businesses can easily accept credit cards from anywhere in the world and process funds using their Stripe account. Originally developed to simplify credit card payments for Stripe, it now functions as a standalone mobile app that is your new personal mobile payments dashboard. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or an on-the-go salesperson, Charge makes it super simple to manage all your credit card payments. It leverages NFC technology to quickly capture card details and record transaction details in the app. You can even use the smartphone camera to capture card details such as card number and expiry date in just one tap. The process of capturing payment on a clunky physical machine is reduced to just a few taps on the smartphone you already have with you.

Charge bypasses hefty terminal fees and signing up for third-party processors, plus there is no need for extra equipment, no ongoing costs, and no power plugs required. Your smartphone and Charge are all you need.  

Charge will change your payments game

While facilitating quick and safe Credit Card payments, Charge also manages payment history and customer data. View and analyze total sales for the day, beautifully presented in easy-to-understand charts. You can rely on Charge for issuing refunds and contacting customers from within the app. All in all, it’s your new payments assistant, ready to change your payments game. 

Charge has processed transactions worth more than $100 million globally and empowered thousands of small businesses to collect payments from their smartphone. The app is available on Android and iOS

 Contacting the developers of Charge for Stripe

If you need assistance with using the Charge app, please check out https://support.chargeforstripe.com/, however if you would like to contact the developers directly, they can be reached via the following:

Live chat via https://support.chargeforstripe.com/

Email: support [at] chargeforstripe.com

Platinum Apps
22 Ormsby Tce
Mandurah WA 6210

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