Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?2018-08-03T10:17:21+08:00

Follow the simple steps detailed here.

What is Stripe?2018-08-03T10:15:38+08:00

Stripe is a simple and powerful way to accept payments online. Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. Hundreds of thousands of businesses—ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies—rely on Stripe’s software tools to accept payments securely and expand globally.

Stripe is available to businesses in 25 countries. With Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies. You can learn more at https://stripe.com/customers.

How does Stripe work with Charge for Stripe?2018-08-03T10:17:21+08:00

With Stripe, you can start accepting credit and debit card payments almost instantly. You can either create a new Stripe account, or connect an existing Stripe account if you already have one. Get started here and then download Charge for Stripe to start accepting mobile credit card payments on your phone, quickly and easily.

Charge for Stripe is a ‘Stripe Verified Partner’ – what does that mean?2018-08-15T20:10:38+08:00


The Stripe Verified Partner Program is open to businesses who utilise the Stripe platform and meet certain criteria and at Charge for Stripe, we’re proud to be among the first mobile payment apps to be included in this recently revamped program. It means users of our apps can be confident that our app adheres to Stripe’s strict requirements, plus it gives us the ability to escalate support requests on behalf of customers (plus a bunch of other benefits). So if you are having issues with your Stripe account, get in touch with Stripe here and if your issue isn’t resolved quickly, get in touch and we’ll step in to help get your issue resolved quickly.

Check out our listing on the ‘Works With Stripe’ page at https://stripe.com/works-with/charge-for-stripe and find out more about the program at https://stripe.com/accept-payments/charge-for-stripe

Is Stripe secure? Will I be PCI-compliant?2018-08-03T10:15:38+08:00

Yes! Stripe meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Stripe is also audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. (This is the highest level of certification available.)

You can learn more about the technical details of Stripe’s secure infrastructure at: https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe. You can see Stripe’s PCI certification here and here.

How much does it cost to use your app? (Fees)2018-08-03T10:17:21+08:00

The Charge for Stripe app is free to download from Google Play and there are no monthly charges, minimum amounts or subscription fees.

When a transaction is processed using Charge for Stripe, a 20c AUD fee (or similar amount converted to other currencies – see full fee list below) will be applied per transaction, in addition to the applicable Stripe fees, which vary from country to country and can be found here. If you never process any payments via the app and only use it for tracking your Stripe account transactions, that’s completely free.

As there are no setup or ongoing monthly fees with Stripe or with our app, Charge for Stripe, you only pay fees when you actually make sales, which we think is the way it should be. We hope you’ll agree Charge for Stripe is a convenient, cost-effective way of processing payments on the go, especially when compared to other offerings, many of which charge a % of the sale amount, which adds up very quickly.

Here’s an example: the fees in Australia are currently (as of May 1, 2018) 1.75% + $0.30 for domestic cards. So for a $100 transaction, this is what the fees would look like:

Sale amount: $100
Stripe fees: $1.75 + $0.30 = $2.05
Charge for Stripe fees: $0.20
Total fees: $2.25
You receive: $97.75


Country-by-country fees

Australia: $0.20AUD

USA: $0.20USD

We have completed our initial limited roll-out and now expanded to additional countries with the fees as detailed below.  If you would like to see Charge for Stripe available in your country, get in touch here.


CurrencyAmount set at 19/12/17

* = American Express is not supported.

Where can I download your app?2018-10-08T14:42:55+08:00






Do you support NFC? How about card readers?2018-08-03T10:17:21+08:00

Charge for Stripe supports NFC and we believe this is the most convenient way to capture card details for processing charges. Tapping the customer’s card to the back of your device will make the card number and expiry appear in the app so you simply enter the CCV number and the amount (and e-mail address if you want to send a receipt) and click “Charge Card” and it’s done.

If your device or the customer’s card doesn’t support NFC, you can simply enter the card details manually or click the camera icon to take a photo of the card to capture the details that way. With all of these methods, none of the card information is ever stored on your device.

As for card readers, we don’t support them and have no plans to add support for them in the future, as we feel they are clunky, can get broken, lost and are unnecessary.

How do I activate fingerprint authentication?2018-08-03T10:17:21+08:00

Go to the Settings section and scroll down to the ‘Lock’ section and switch “Use Fingerprint” to the on position. You can switch between PIN or fingerprint authentication by toggling these switches on or off, but one will always be selected as this is essential for security purposes.


How do I setup notifications?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

Push notifications are available via the Stripe Webhooks functionality – it requires a couple of steps to setup, however detailed instructions to get this setup can be found here.

Why is your app not available in my country?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

If you’re trying to download Charge for Stripe and Google Play or Apple App Store says it’s not available in your area, this is because we are initially launching in limited markets (Australia and US) and plan to roll out to other markets in the coming months.

UPDATE APRIL 2018: We have expanded to many more countries, however if it is still not available in your country, please let us know here and we’ll see if we can get you added.

Which currency can I use?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

Charge for Stripe will supports almost all currencies which are supported by Stripe, which currently (as of May 2017) sits at more than 130, as you can see here.

If your currency is not currently supported, please let us know here and we’ll do our best to get it added ASAP.

Why does the dashboard screen show a different currency to the one I’ve selected?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

Charge for Stripe allows users to accept payments in LOTS of different currencies by selecting from the list of currencies displayed in the settings section. HOWEVER, the dashboard screen will display values in the default currency of your Stripe account.

For example, if your Stripe account is registered in Australia, AUD will be your default currency and the chart will show values in AUD. If you change to accept payments in another currency (e.g. USD), the values displayed on the chart will still display AUD and the values displayed will be the converted equivalent of the payments converted to AUD. If you select an individual payment you will be taken to the ‘Payment Details’ screen which will show you the amount processed in the currency you selected (in this case, USD) and then show you the amount converted into your default currency (in this case, AUD).

As of July 2018, it appears there is no way to change the country in which your Stripe account is registered as per the Stripe documentation here, so it would be necessary to register a new Stripe account if you would like to change your default currency. This is out of our control, however you may wish to contact Stripe directly to see if they are able to assist with this.

How can I change my PIN code?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

Go to the ‘Settings’ section and scroll down to the ‘Security’ section and select ‘Change PIN” and follow the steps to complete the process. However, we recommend using fingerprint authentication (if your device supports it) as this is a more secure method and means you won’t have to complete the setup process again if you forget your PIN code.


I forgot my PIN code – how can I get back into the app?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

If you have forgotten your pin, unfortunately you will need to reset the app and start again with the setup process. Rest assured none of your data will have been lost, but you will need to re-setup your accounts in the app. While we understand this is an inconvenience and will take a few minutes to resolve, we believe this is a better option than allowing the code to be reset on the device which would potentially open up access to your Stripe account by someone who may have stolen your phone.

To keep things simple, we recommend using fingerprint authentication to access the app, that way you don’t have to worry about remembering another PIN code.


I can’t login with my 2-factor authentication (2FA) code – why not?2018-09-20T16:09:08+08:00

If you have 2-factor authentication active on your Stripe account, you can still access the app, you’ll just need to follow these steps during the initial setup:

  1. Upon entering your Stripe credentials you will be prompted to enter the 2FA code from Google Authenticator or via SMS.
  2. If you leave the app to retrieve this code, when you return to the app to enter the code, the screen will refresh and a new code will be generated, so if you enter the one you received initially, it will say the code is incorrect.
  3. To get around this, you will need to receive the authentication code via SMS and when it is received on your device, do NOT tap the notification to be taken to the Messages app to view the code, but instead simply expand the notification to view the code and then enter it manually into Charge for Stripe and you should proceed to the final step of connecting your account.

If this sounds too tricky, an alternate method is to momentarily deactivate 2FA on your Stripe account, complete the authentication process in Charge for Stripe and then turn it back on once done.

You can read more about 2FA on your Stripe account here.

Can I do a test to see if it works, just to be sure?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

You sure can! Go into the “Settings” screen and turn on “Test Mode” – after doing so, you will see a noticeable “TEST MODE” indicator displayed at the top of all screens. This will allow you to process some test charges so you can check everything is working as it should.

To complete transactions while in test mode, simply use the credit card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with an expiry any time in the future (e.g. 09/24) and any 3 digits for the CVV and you will be able to complete a test transaction. If you then login to your Dashboard and select ‘View test data’ you should be able to see the test transaction(s) you’ve just processed. Be aware that e-mail receipts will not be sent while in “Test Mode”.

Don’t forget to turn off “Test Mode” before you want to process transactions for real.



How do I send a receipt to customers?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

On the ‘New Payment’ screen, simply enter the customer’s e-mail address and a receipt will automatically be e-mailed to them when the payment is processed.

If you would like to customise your receipts (we recommend you do) to include your company logo and change colours etc, simply follow the instructions provided here.

How can I issue a refund?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

Refunds can be processed within Charge for Stripe by selecting the payment you would like to refund and selecting the ‘Refund’ button and confirming you would like to refund that payment.

Alternately, you can issue issue refunds via your Stripe Dashboard. Depending on your customer’s bank, the customer will see the refund show up between 5–10 business days later. Refunds can be whole or partial—that is, you can refund any amount up to the original amount of the charge. For details, see: https://stripe.com/docs/refunds.

Can I use multiple Stripe accounts?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

Yes! Charge for Stripe allows you to add multiple accounts to the app and switch between them to view data or process payments on whichever account you would like.*

To add additional accounts, simply select ‘Accounts’ from the overflow menu and then select “+” and go through the process to login to your Stripe account and select the account you would like to add into the app.


To remove an account, select ‘Accounts’ from the overflow menu and select the delete (bin) icon next to the account you would like to delete and then confirm you would like to remove that account from the app.



*Upgrading to the Pro version of Charge for Stripe via in-app purchase is required to access this functionality.

What is the upgrade/premium version?2018-09-12T10:12:40+08:00

This upgrade allows users to manage multiple Stripe accounts within Charge for Stripe.

Purchasing the upgrade once will unlock this functionality permanently and additional Stripe accounts can then be added and payments can be processed to any of your Stripe accounts, plus you can also receive notifications for any or all of your Stripe accounts.

Can I disconnect my Stripe account from Charge for Stripe?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

For sure! If you want to remove Charge for Stripe from your Stripe account, you can do so by logging into your Stripe account, selecting Connect -> Settings -> Connected Applications (or click on the link below) and then click the “X” next to “Charge for Stripe” to remove it from your account. Once disconnected, you will no longer be able to process payments using Charge for Stripe unless you reconnect your account.

Reference: https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/applications


Can I use your app without a Stripe account?2018-08-03T10:17:22+08:00

No. Charge for Stripe is built specifically for Stripe, so if you don’t already have an account setup, you can find out more about setting up an account on the Stripe website here.

How do I get a Stripe account?2018-08-03T10:16:11+08:00

You can sign up for a Stripe account by visiting their website here.

What other cool stuff can Charge for Stripe do?2018-08-03T10:16:29+08:00

Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are a couple of things we think are pretty cool.

  1. Cha-ching: Every time you receive a payment (or payout or new customer, or… check the notifications section for all the options) you’ll hear a wonderful “Cha-ching” sound. It’ll be music to your ears every time you hear it!
  2. Hash: We’re as security-conscious as the next person (probably even moreso), which is why when you tap a card to add the details via NFC, we’ll hash (hide) all the card numbers with the exception of the last few digits. It’s just 1 of the ways we’re trying to keep shoppers and sellers happy and safe.

Have any suggestions for how we could improve Charge for Stripe? We’d love to hear from you here.

What payment types are supported?2018-08-03T10:16:11+08:00

Stripe supports all major credit and debit cards, plus other payment methods. To find out which specific payment methods available in your country, please see Stripe’s Payment Options page and select your country at the page’s bottom-left corner. Here are some examples:

  • U.S. businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, and China UnionPay.
  • Australian, Canadian, European, Hong Kong, and Singaporean businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • Japanese businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

You can also accept gift and prepaid cards of the above types. You can use Stripe to charge cards of these types from customers anywhere in the world.

Stripe also supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, 3D Secure, SOFORT, iDEAL, Giropay, Bancontact, SEPA direct debit, and China’s Alipay.

When do I get paid?2018-08-03T10:16:11+08:00

Once you’ve made your first charges with Stripe, your first payout will be initiated, and should post within seven days. Thereafter, all US-based merchants will receive payouts on a rolling two-day schedule.

Payout schedules vary slightly for merchants outside of the US. See your country’s payout schedule.

You can link your bank account, and set the frequency of these payouts, in your Stripe Dashboard’s Balance page. From there, you can also view all payouts from Stripe to your bank account. To learn more, visit Stripe’s documentation on Receiving Payouts.

What will my customers see on their credit card statement?2018-08-03T10:16:11+08:00

Customers will see the descriptor that you provide in your Stripe Account settings. (Look for the Statement Descriptor field.) You can customize this entry to match your business name or anything more specific you might like.

What is a dispute and how do I handle them?2018-08-03T10:16:11+08:00

dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when a cardholder questions a charge with their bank or credit card company. When a dispute comes in, Stripe gets information about it from the bank, and displays one of eight reason categories to our users.

Depending on the reason, the Stripe Dashboard will guide the user through submitting the best type of evidence to support the charge, as outlined here: https://stripe.com/docs/disputes/categories. Once the user submits the dispute evidence to Stripe, Stripe will submit the evidence to the banks/card networks on their behalf, so that the user does not have to deal with these institutions directly.

To be notified about disputes, select email notifications through your Dashboard:https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/emails. (Select “Email me for: Disputes.”)

Here are some overall best practices for avoiding fraud:

When to contact Stripe versus when to contact Charge for Stripe2018-08-03T10:16:29+08:00

Contact Charge for Stripe about these types of questions:

  • Has my order arrived?
  • What is the tracking information?
  • What is the shipping address?
  • How much tax is charged on an item?
  • How do I get in touch with my customer?

Country and currency support:

  • What countries are supported?
  • What currencies are supported?
  • What international payment methods are supported?


Contact Stripe about these types of questions:

  • Questions regarding a specific charge, refund, payout, or dispute
  • Account-related issues, including account lockouts
  • Using the Stripe Dashboard’s functionality and settings
I get an “Expired API Key Error” when trying to use the app2019-03-05T15:25:59+08:00

This is due to the API keys in your Stripe account being expired and is out of our control, however it’s easy to resolve this by following these steps as provided by Stripe Support:

  1. Login your Stripe Dashboard : https://dashboard.stripe.com/developers
  2. Select ‘Developers’ on the left of the page, then click ‘API Keys.’
  3. Select the ‘•••’ button on the right of the API key and Select ‘Roll key…’
  4. Select when you’d like your old keys to be expired and enter your password to confirm. Here’s a link with more specifics: https://stripe.com/docs/keys

Once you have completed the above steps, please uninstall Charge for Stripe and then reinstall it (just to ensure you’re prompted to complete the initial setup process again) and you should be able to connect your Stripe account all ok, however if you still encounter this issue after following these steps, please contact us so we can assist you further.

I can’t find the answer to my question – how can I get in touch?2018-08-03T10:16:29+08:00

If your enquiry relates to your Stripe account, please contact Stripe here.

If your enquiry relates to our app, please contact us here and we’ll do our best to respond to you within 48 hours.