Since launching Charge for Stripe (now it’s called Charge) back in March 2018, we have worked hard adding new functionality requested by our customers (they have the best ideas!), fixing any bugs that come up and doing our best to innovate to make our app better than all the other offerings out there. During this time our apps have:

  • Processed over $66,500,000 of payments.
  • Been downloaded over 100,000 times.
  • Been updated over 100 times, with many more updates tested internally and by our beta users.
  • Implemented SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) – we were actually the first mobile payment app listed in the Stripe Directory to be SCA-Ready. And we’re PCI-Compliant too 😉

We have also implemented many improvements and enhanced functionality to give our users functionality not available in any of the other apps. Some apps only allow you to process payments, while others allow you to see your previous payments as well, but Charge does both of these and LOTS more, including, but not limited to:

  1. Send payment requests: These secure links can be sent via email, SMS or any messaging app, allowing your customers to enter their card details into a secure form. (This is our favourite customer-requested feature so far!)
  2. Process pre-authorised payments, perfect for vehicle or equipment rentals or accommodation providers.
  3. Process full or part-refunds.
  4. Terminal Mode allows employers to limit staff access so they can only process payments and not see all previous payments or process refunds. (Another great customer-requested feature!)
  5. Receive push notifications with a nice ‘Cha-ching’ notification sound every time a payment is processed.
  6. Live Chat support is available from within the apps, or on our support site.
  7. And coming in July 2021, Subscription payments!

As of July 1st 2021, the fees for using Charge will be adjusted to enable us to introduce new functionality including subscription payments, which is by far the most-requested feature.

Stripe’s systems don’t allow for fixed fees to be applied to subscription payments, so given the huge number of requests we’ve received from customers wanting to process subscription payments, we’ve decided to change our fee model to allow us to implement this functionality and make it available to all our users. This pricing model change will also allow us to continue with further development to make the apps even better (*see the list below) and continue providing the best possible support for all our customers.

Previously, users were charged a fixed fee per payment of $0.20USD (or similar converted equivalent) for each payment, but this will now be changing to 1% of the payment amount. So for each payment processed using our apps, a 1% fee will be incurred in addition to the standard Stripe fees. You can read more about this here.

We hope you will continue to find Charge to be a useful tool for your business with all the functionality it offers to allow you to accept credit card payments in your business quickly and easily. If you have any suggestions about what we can do to make our apps even better, please get in touch, as some of our best functionality has come directly from customer suggestions!


*Here are some of the things we have planned

  • Handle tax being added/included in payment amounts
  • Customer lookup/autocomplete on payment screen
  • Include customer details in Payment Requests so a new customer record is created when processed
  • Implement app bundles to reduce app download size [Android only]


And here are some longer-term items we’re considering

  • Web version to allow payments to be processed in any browser, whether on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet
  • Support for products for enhanced POS (Point-Of-Sale) functionality
  • Tips: Allow addition of tip % to be added to amounts
  • Improvements to translations & increased number of translated languages
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay support
  • Instant Payout functionality (in available markets for supported accounts)
  • Option to send Subscription Payments via Payment Requests

If there’s anything listed above (or not listed above) that you would like to see implemented in a future update, please get in touch to let us know.


Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash